For me, I genuinely believe that this 6' 1" is the sweet spot for JDM UL rod. It has the most sensitive tip, and these Cortos casts the proverbial 'country mile'. This 6' 1" feels incredibly light in hand.

The weight is rated at 51 grams which is 1.797 ounce or - 1.8 ounce.

This is new with tags. New is new, never fished. However, I did mount with a UL JDM reel to see hot it feels when swung. Without exaggeration, this 6' 1" feels incredibly light in hand - almost as if it was half the weight of the 6' 10" though that rod is only a few tenths of an ounce heavier. If I were to pick one in the '18 Corto to fish with, no question it would be this 6' 1". For minijigs, the 6' 1" casts exactly as far as the 6' 10" models.

Yes, this is Made in Japan including the blank.

Dollar for dollar, this is the top bang for the buck in JDM rods I've seen. It comes with Fuji Single Foot (AT series) Titanium guides!

It includes the original zippered bag and all papers including the date of production which I in 2019.

Price is firm - I need to clear $199

Again, I do not know of one other UL rod that gives you world class performance that gives you better value. Nothing in the USA I know of comes close to this series by Olympic.