A friend and I decided to head out to Catalina 7/26. We arrived at Davies about 4:30am to join a few other boats headed out. We decided on squid for this trip in hopes of enticing some nice yellowtail since they had be eluding us so far this year. After getting bait we head for the back side. Not a bad trip out, but upon arrival we found little current and what there was, was headed the wrong way. On the first stop we found a few small calico and some barries but no yellows. After trying several other stops we decided to head to the front side. We did stop on a few stops for some rock cod but we found the current we had been missing and it was tough getting down. Finally after getting to our spot on the front side we found a lot of small calico again. My buddy free dives a lot on this spot and he said the yellows usually come in and out every 45 minutes or so. After an hour or so he hooked up but quickly broke off. After catching a bunch of calicos on my favorite lures I decided to throw some squid. Still using my bass rob mind you I tossed out a squid and the line started flying off. It took about 15 minutes and a lot of finesse but I got it to the boat and my buddy got it on the first try. It took a lot of hard work but this one made the trip worthwhile.
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