I have a few good Penn 750SS reels that I have used for surf fishing on the east coast.
Since surf fishing the central coast of Cali. is a light weight affair I would like to use the reels for ocean bottom fishing for Ling Cod and Rock Cod.
But need a good rod to handle the reel but short enough to be comfortable on the boat.
I fish out of Morro Bay on Virgs boats. Does anyone have suggestions on make of rod I can start to look for? I usually need to touch and feel the rod before buying.
It needs to be stiff enough to hold 16oz. lead and drop 300 feet of braid. And beefy enough to bring 25 pound ling cod up from the depths.
Not many good tackle shops around so any help would be appreciated.
I am new to this site and look forward to lots of looks and reply's in the future.

Thank you