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Thread: Bass or Bluegill for kids

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    Thanks for the report.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natural Lefty View Post
    I went to Perris yesterday and can confirm that panfish in various sizes are biting well around Sail Cove. I was on the little pier, didn't even have the best spot, and most people did well. Some one pound Bluegills were caught and I caught a Redear about that size too, plus lots of smaller ones. All one had to do was drop some bait near the bottom, straight down, and fish were biting. Most of the bigger ones were caught casting out from the end. (I kept the Redear and 6 Bluegills, but must have let a dozen or so smaller Bluegills go.) They remain surprisingly omnivorous, with corn, dough bait and bread catching Bluegills. Worms are working too. I caught the only Redear on a redworm. They were biting on flies and jigs too but difficult for me to hook on artificials as they were bumping them lightly. No Bass were seen. Somebody hooked a catfish as I was leaving, though, but it fell off when they tried to bring it up onto the pier.

    By the way, people are still fishing for carp. but as Kwin mentioned, the carp population is expected to decline in the coming years relative to other species with the higher water levels. However, the water is down about 5 feet from this June.
    Great report. I went to sail cove in Late May and you couldnt even see a fish in the water. Water level was real high too. I didnt even get a single bite then. On a side note, those bluegill especially the smaller ones will even bite a small ball of cheese balled up on a treble hook if they are hungry enough.

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    Thank you, Eah and Castle. It has been a big change with the seasons. Bluegills in particular seem to congregate near the dam in the fall, but the biggest fish that I caught was a Redear. My wife took a photo of the fish that I kept on her cellphone, but I don't think she knows how to transfer it to my computer.

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    I forgot to mention, this spring was particularly bad at Perris Lake. I think it was due to the cold weather and cold water being pumped in, which kept the lake from warming up as quickly as usual. I did fish Sail Cove several times this spring, but usually didn't catch much. Most of the few fish that were biting seemed to be larger bass and carp (which were fun but difficult to land on my light line and with them swimming under the pier and around cables, etc.), although I was fishing for panfish with smaller worms. Now the situation is a different story altogether.
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