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Thread: Bass or Bluegill for kids

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    Default Bass or Bluegill for kids

    Iím taking my 8 year old son and a friend to Perris this Saturday. Iíve never targeted bluegills at Perris. I went on Monday morning and fished for 4 hours. Got 6 small LMB on Drop shot and split shot plastic worms east end and climbers near sunken trees. Should I actively look for Blugills/Redears for the kiddos or just stick to Bass?
    Water level was Full! Temps 82-84. 10-14 feet visibility.Click image for larger version. 

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    I am not a bluegill fisherman, always fish bass; but I would imagine the bluegill are going onto the beds right now. I can remember seeing a year ago, after the bass were off of the beds, hundreds of bluegill bedding in the shallows on the northwest end of the island. Last year a guy on this website emailed me a picture of a bluegill set up, since I didn't have a clue on how to fish them. I will insert a copy of what he sent me. Good luck with your son. I hope the very best for your success, 'cause your son will always remember the times fishing with Dad!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	180625 Snip It of Bluegill Rig.JPG 
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    thanks.... i'll try for Bass for the first 2 hours and try that set up for gills on the northwest part of the island.

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    BassinPLS.... Thanks... my son is actually a good luck charm when it comes to fishing. He’s never been skunked so he’s known only victories, never defeats. Of course I never take him bass fishing in the middle of December!Click image for larger version. 

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    yes get the bass if they are biting!.. when the bite dies down for bass go deeper or go for bluegills.. with that photo with that rig.. you don't have to cut that line to tie the hook.. the trick to that rig.. is to double the loop line through eye of hook (*though super small hooks its more of a pain if you don't have 4 lb line or less.) wrap it around hook and its good to go but do the loop knot 3 times... you can use any size line really and weights.. and just do a second loop on the bottom and you can just loop the weight easily if you don't have split shots. .. a ultralight rod with 2 lb line is fun though because you can feel those little fish fight good. you can also do one loop knot 1 foot off floor and another one 2-3 foot up and you can get double ups.. up to 3 hooks in cali. but so you can work bottom and a little above at same time.. gl out there. I use size 6 mosquito circle hooks.. those tend to get small and nice size bluegill and I can use 6 lb mono loop knot on the eye of it still. but usually not the babies so depends on the size you find. going to smaller hooks. but 6 is good. just pinch nightcrawler in half and use piece of one.. also try full incase there is huge one that will smash the bigger worm. bluegill also bite a lot faster then say tossing near a bass.. so if you aren't getting bites move on. I also use a worm threader to get the worm on line easier(*why the loop knot cut or just used as loop is good for this rig the worm can be halfway up the line and not get all tore up) and it help to catch bluegills.. and keep bait for more then one fish and the ones that try to steal it..
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    I was the person that made that drawing that I sent to BassinPLS. You really don't have to trim that bit of leader, but with the water being so clear, you don't want it doubled up. And you don't have to do the overhand loop knot 3 times. Twice is fine. I've never had ANY fish break or untie that knot. 2 lb test is used because the larger Bluegills can be line shy, again because of the clear water. I use a medium to large round split shot crimped on lightly at the bottom, so if it gets snagged between some rocks or in some branches, you can just pull steady and the weight will just slide off. Cheaper than losing expensive drop shot weights or hooks. You can put 2 hooks on this set up, but it can be a tangled mess at times. I like just the one hook set up. I'm after big fish, not lots of fish. I also use the black Eagle Claw "Laser Sharp" Circle Hooks in a size 8 and 10. The fish hook themselves when they take your bait and swim away with it. Plus, they rarely get hooked deeply. They almost always get hooked in the corner of their mouths, which is great for catch and release. Please help us keep Lake Perris as a big Bluegill fishery by releasing the big ones. We release all fish that are over 9 inches long. Besides, the smaller ones taste better.

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