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My buddy and I were nailing em today. Two trout limits. We released three. Oh my god, I had a very nice one on. I don't lose 2 or 3 pounders on my 2 lb test. I've reeled in (2) 6.25 pounders in on it and I remember clearly what they felt like. This one fought harder.

I had a major bendo. As soon as I picked it up I knew it wasn't an ordinary trout. It was heavy like a damned log. This log was taking line easily. I pumped it gently, reeled in the slack and repeated. Again a lot of line going out. I adjusted the drag a mite stiffer. Still it took line freely. I was a little low on line so I was worried about getting spooled so I tightened the drag another smidgeon... SNAP! Crap! You guys know that awful feeling. Lol. I didn't even get to see the damned thing but it barely let me get it in very far. I fought it for about 2 minutes. We'll never know.
I'd fish with 2lb test if I could see it.