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Thread: A little tough at Guasti today for Catfish!

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    Default A little tough at Guasti today for Catfish!

    This is the third season in a row, "I'll be hitting Gusati kinda hard." Every year it's been a little different, but if you can adjust it's still pretty good! Quick background check: Guasti is a pay lake, so it get's stocked every week. But they are rotating each week which lake get's stocked. When they stocked the Big lake on the East end I loved fishing that lake. Now they stock it in the middle and it sucks! (the catfish just swim under the dock and hide and nobody does that great!) But when they stock the little lake, it's like shooting fish in a barrel! Lol Don't get me wrong, I go to many different lakes and work for every fish! But Guasti is great because you know your almost always going to catch a bunch of fish.

    They normally stock on Thursday about noon, but since Thursday is 4th of July, they stocked on Wed July 3. I was hoping people would wait and go on Thursday, but when we arrived it was pretty crowded! Fortunately for me my favorite spot was open, but it only had room for one person. So my friend Phil had to fish in the poacher's spot. It's still a good spot for his bait of choice. (Bonito) I like to fish Power bait and Meals worms on a bobber dipped in Bite On Garlic. It started off pretty slow because they just stocked. After a couple of hours a few fish started to bite. (so now I'm getting anxious) Then a funny thing happened, people started to leave and go home. (what their going home, just when their ready to bite!) I guess these people got there when they opened and now their tired! (Losers!!!!)

    I didn't get any bites on the Power Bait and Phil didn't get any bites on the Bonito. Fortunately I had all the good baits. So if their were going to hit anything, I had it with me! They started hitting on the Meal worms and the slip bobber dipped in Garlic. Fish 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 came pretty quick. Phil hadn't even had a bite yet, so I called him over to me and he started fishing next to me. I assumed he would start catching them with me. Nope they wouldn't touch anything he threw at them. I still was getting bites but I was starting to miss them now. Still Phil couldn't get a bite and it was almost 4:00 pm. (they close at 5:00 pm) The whole time more and more people kept leaving. (many of them skunked)

    Out of desperation or laziness, Phil came up with an unusual bait combination and it started working! 3 meals worms then a piece of shrimp and then 2 more meal worms dipped in Garlic. In the last hour Phil caught his limit and missed some too! Wow talk about a good comeback! So we ended up with 15 Catfish for the 2 of us. (I C&R all mine) So it was a decent day for us, but for others who fished Mackerel all day. It was tough for them!

    One trip doesn't make a pattern, but let's see what happens the next time they stock the Little Lake at Guasti!
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    Default Cats at Guasti

    Nice job, it seems like you got that lake dialed in.

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