First of all,
Report- Skunked! Not even one nibble and we had 6 rods out.

I am beginning to think with them stocking on Thursday, you have to be here Friday or the very latest the Friday night 24 hour fishing/camping to have success here. We set up at the 'handicapped zone' on the south side of Chris' pond and wet our lines from 7pm till 7am for nada. I had the right line, the right hook, the right bait, and again nada. I was determined to catch fish this time, i stayed up all night while the family went to bed in the tent. I continued to refresh my bait to no avail.

SARL needs to stock more fish or stock twice a week. Something. the price to go in there is astronomical and getting to camp there eases the burden on the wallet, but people expect to catch fish.

The last few times, over the years, I fished for catfish and got nothing. I throw artificial for bass when i am bored and have caught bass in the past, but not today.

SARL needs to do something about this.