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Thread: Are there fish in Castaic?

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    Default Are there fish in Castaic?

    Hit the dam up of the tribe this morning.

    Had my usual Fluorocarbon halibut sliding thing with the sardines and with nightcrawler.

    Had 2 bites on the crawler but I think it was my kids were being dicks and pulling on the line from their chairs.
    No love with the sardines at all.

    People showed up and people left. I think the smell of skunk was in the air for us all on the dam today.

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    of course there is.. sounds like you did the right things.. though the fish are probably following the shad balls and the trout that are still left.. which I think both are away from the dam though with that buffet its hard to catch anything sometimes they have too many options. I was on a shad ball couple nights ago at upper saw big largemouth jump and couldn't land anything near the shad but they were sticking tight so you know there was monsters there. that's just fishing..

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    Quote Originally Posted by GhettoBasser View Post
    ... but I think it was my kids were being dicks and pulling on the line from their chairs.
    Haha, hey, grown a$s adults do the same thing.

    Tough to be out there with nothing biting, so we gotta pass the time watching our buddies set the hook to phantom fish when you throw rocks at their line.

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    Ah man such fun. My son 17 now and we fish avidly his whole life. My Favorite is when we trout fish ( bait and wait) is put his bobber pn an eye. And yell jeremy u got one he runs so fast and gets that pole and holds it feeling for it. One time he went to the bathroom and i did it and i went to the bathroom but when he passed me i stopped and watched him. I **** u not he ran right into the lake. I think he was 7. I get him everytime and i tell him everytime ill never do that again laughing my *** off
    Someday its gonna be me. I have other tricks but that one works everytime
    But untill then such great time's

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