Gamakatsu Yoihime Luxxe 6' 9" S69FL-Solid Spinning Rod

New, with all original tags and rod bag - exactly as received from Japan. I believe that this is the absolute lightest production UL rod of this length on the planet. Incredibly sensitive.

Made in Japan
Weight: 47 grams or 1.65 grams.
Sections: 2
Tip: Solid Carbon Fiber
Lure range: 0.1-3 grams
Line - 0.8-2 lbs

I fish 2 lbs line and 1/64-1/16 oz minijigs for trout in So California. I purchased these rods from Japan to see how they build them. I do not fish with these rods as I really want to fish only with rods I build so here it is after I made my measurements including loading with 8 oz weights to test power and action. That is well under the capacities of these rods. However, I do not fish them and all original tags are still attached.

It is my opinion of all the rods I received this year, this one is at the very top of the JDM production rods for 2 lbs and minijigs in So Cal. If I could keep just one production rod, this would be it. It really is an amazing rod for 2 lbs test. It has absolutely nothing extraneous - pure rod essence. It's like a pure Formula 1 track car - nothing extra that is not absolutely necessary for performance.

I also first tested the 6' 10" version which is a bit more power and has a harder 'shut down' when loaded. That too is an amazing rod but this 6' 9" is clearly better for the type of minijig fishing in So Cal. This seemed to be one of the better regarded Luxxe Yoihime Hana rods and sold better than some of the other models.

There is one unusual characteristic about this rod that I have not been able to explain. With rods loading at 8 oz, this rod FEELS substantially lighter in the load than any other rod I have ever had. I do not know why - it simply feels effortless - even against rod that is shorter by 8 inches and has less leverage. It just feels wonderful!

I need to clear $360 on this rod. I believe that it is out of stock in Japanese dealers and even if they have it in stock, it is 41,500 yen before shipping is added.

Please PM if interested.