After getting in on the killer deal on the Penn Fathom reels from yesterday, I started cruising Amazon for some rods to pair them with.

Looks like Amazon has some great pricing on the Okuma PCH Custom rods right now, several of them all-time lows.

In particular, the 7' M and 7'6" M casting rods seem pretty killer at $133 shipped.

All the 8' footers are also marked down between $166-175 shipped.
8' MH:
8' H:
8' XH:

If you don't know already, it gets really expensive to ship these longer rods so I think that's pretty huge.

I've been thinking about these Okuma PCH Custom Rods since seeing them in person at my local Turner's recently.

Even at MSRP, the components you're getting are pretty impressive but I think at these prices with a Lifetime Warranty from Okuma, it's kind of a no-brainer.