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Thread: Black Soft Plastics and lures - Video test

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    Default Black Soft Plastics and lures - Video test

    Have you ever fished with black soft plastics or lures and had any success? I created a video of a 90-minute fishing challenge during the week only using black soft plastics. The video can be seen at - if you enjoy the video then please subscribe to the channel

    Basically, Iíve been getting asked a lot lately if Black soft plastics and lures work, so I set out in my small runabout boat to test this out. I fished at Port Phillip Bay around the area of Black Rock using only black soft plastics and had great results. We didnít catch any monsters but we caught plenty of them including a few juvenile snapper up to 48cm.

    We fished during the peak of high tide using only 5cm pro grubs in UV black with 1/8 jig heads and light spin rods. We caught plenty of pinkies and a couple of flatties. I hope you enjoy the video and please donít forget to sub the channel.

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    I fished at night for a month straight at Castaic lagoon California.(pressured hard to fish small lake) all I did was throw black senkos or roboworms, averaged a fish a night over the month in around 4 hour sessions in the middle of summer. skunked a couple times, couple times had multiple. in murky water, ive seen a vid you can see the black the longest on cam but he didn't have all colors but he had some variants. I think overall it depends what you are fishing and where you are fishing.. ive seen largemouth not bite any color bait till finally you throw the one they all want for some reason.. its crazy though.. I want to catch bluegills on soft plastics and small jigs at lagoon.. never got one trying it that way. though I got bluegill on a fake bug looking weird bait I lost looked like some prize out those small 25cent vending machines when I was a kid.. throw on live worms.. bam they smash it.. at least when I know they are up and shallow.. but ya I guess it just depends where and what species mainly.

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