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Thread: Advice on a fishing/camping spot

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    Default Advice on a fishing/camping spot

    Hey everyone,
    My kids want to go camping this summer, just a weekend thing, and of course i want to go fishing. Does anyone know of a place where you fish right where you camp? for a reasonable price?

    I thought about SARL, for a family its only $88-. Not to bad. This includes camping over night and fishing at shoreline.

    I know some in San Diego like Jennings, but campsite is not on the water. There is Santee lakes, but they are booked up for the summer.
    Something a lot closer would be best, i live in Santa Ana.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    Maybe it's further than you want to go, but the Mammoth area is fantastic for this sort of thing.
    The campgrounds are all National Forest so reasonably priced.

    The Mammoth lakes basin has like 4 campgrounds around the lakes (Mary, George, Mamie, Twin)
    The Postpile area has campgrounds right on the San Joaquin
    There are more campgrounds in the June Lake area, (June, Silver)
    And you can camp right by the river or lake on the way up to Rock Creek Lake (the turn off at Toms Place)

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    Also prado park off the 71 . Caught alot of fish there when I lived in chino

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    Yucaipa regional park. Good camping, stocked fishing (call to check scheduled stocking) and a unique Pond for swimming with a water slide. However, it is hard to get a spot

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    I donít even like to day fish county parks or thereís that answer lol. If freshwater is your game, the sierras or big bear (Serrano campground) would be my choices. Angeles oaks has a campground where you camp right along the stream that the state stocks for 20-30$$ a night. Jenks is right up the road and (usually) the kids can catch as many small panfish/bass as they want. Like all public campgrounds, the sites are ahole to elbow, but you can escape the summer heat. If locality is a factor, I suggest crystal cove...whatís better than havin a night cap to the sounds of the ocean? Bacon and waves anybody? Either way, remember you can fish anytime but camping with the kiddos is the main objective. Donít forget the símores and check out those products that change the color of campfire flames (theyíll think your some sort of magical wizard lol).. Pm if you want any specifics

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    Lake Elsinore at La Lauguna, camp next to the water. Bring lots of catfish bait and carp bait.

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