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Thread: Sumo Sized Bonefish Off A Pier!

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    Default Sumo Sized Bonefish Off A Pier!

    And Porcupine Fish Galore!

    This day started off storming! But i still went fishing. There were only a few wet anglers there by the time i got in. The other anglers were using small hooks so only hitting small or baby fish. The only hits i was getting was Burr Fish of the Porcupine Puffer Fishes. One of them swallowed a whole 5in A'ama Rock Crab complete with a 5/0 hook! But i safely removed the hook and after it expelled the held air it vanished.

    Some anglers kill these fish because they're a nuisance by stealing their baits. I explain to anglers that killing a fish because it's poisonous to eat & because they're a nuisance is wrong. A drunk military angler told me to f**k off at that spot so i told him i had the vid showing him just killing fish off a military site & i was going to call a contact at Joint Police to have a word with him. Also his friends won't like what i just shot once they see it online. Also that i knew 2 high ranking officers that also fish there that would come down in minutes if i called since i fish with them. After that he stopped & apologized, hopefully it struck a cord. Hate seeing people kill fish if they aren't going to use it.

    The Bonefish, locally called a O'io is one of the fastest & strongest reef fighters known. Also known as the Grey Ghost their runs have been known to hit 45mph! To hook these speedsters i casts in areas that most anglers can't reach. I watched others here & i know the normal casting range. Also the reef is littered with old fishing line so when you fish these areas & snag an old line the effects is like fighting a rubber band! So i use gear that allows for distance shore casting.

    My most successful rod is my Okuma 12ft MH Cedros Surf. I use a Blue Azores 6K with 50lb braid on it with only a 2oz bank. Most anglers that i fish with are amazed at the length i'm getting on my casts. Thin line, being elevated above the water & a long rear grip makes this a winning combo. When i use this rig it catches fish when others around me aren't. It gets the bait in areas that most others can't. The fact that i never hooked another line shows me that.

    So on this day i'm explaining my baits & the gear i've chosen while casting & fighting fish. This was a BIG Bonefish & put up a good fight. All the Porcupine Burrfish that i caught i released back as they are poisonous. And i got out before the evening heavy rains began so it was a good day to be out. I gave my big boy to my good friend Chief Charley who was amazed to get such a fattie.
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    Nice Bone for sure Chris,wtg Brah!

    Cya Tuna Vic

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    Default Sumo Sized Bonefish Off A Pier!

    Quote Originally Posted by TUNAVIC View Post
    Nice Bone for sure Chris,wtg Brah!

    Cya Tuna Vic
    Mahalos buddy:)

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