Lake Sabrina Boat Landing
April 29, 2019

Quite a few people at the Lake on Opener. Luckily, most brought their common sense with them and no one went out on the ice. A few went down to the open water and we did see a few fish come up the ramp. Fishing was definitely on the slow side. A few others made the hike to DingleBerry Inlet where there was a bit of open water showing. Fishing was even iffy at the Inlet. And it wouldn’t have been an Opener without a little rain/snow mix that came thru at about 4:00 Sunday afternoon.

Heard of a few able bodies making the trek (road is closed from Parchers to South Lake) to South Lake with augers in hand – the ice was about 3’ thick over by the rock slide, but a bit dicey nearer the launch ramp area. The road to North Lake is covered in many many feet of snow and we heard the Lake was partially frozen over.

We have a pair of Bald Eagles flying around looking for fish – sure is a sight to behold! No bears or mountain lion sighting yet although a bear was spotted over by Bishop Creek Lodge - don’t forget to store your food in the appropriate places and PICK UP YOU TRASH!

The Café will open on Friday, May 10th (if we pass all the state and county hurdles) thru Sunday, May 12th and then open for the season on May 17th - hours change then to 7 days a week from 7:00am to 7:00pm. Breakfast is served from 7:00am to 11am and lunch from 11:00am to 4:00pm. We are currently closed on Wednesdays.

It will be a few weeks before Department of Fish and WildLife get down to the Lake to stock – stay tuned.

The trail to Blue Lake is still under quite a bit of snow at Lake Sabrina level let alone up and over the first set of mountains, in fact, it’s pretty hard to find the trail across from the building if you don’t know where to look.

Spring is definitely in the air – The House Wrens have started making their nest in the weather station area. The Aspen are caterpilling and the Lily of the Valley bulbs are pushing up from the ground. And the best, the snow is melting!

Make sure you wear some kind of sun protection – the sun and reflection off the snow, ice and water will do a number on your skin and eyeballs! AND DON’T FORGET A JACKET!

Once again we’ll be having some Spring weather. A chance of snow flurries or rain or thunder this evening. Tuesday brings us some stiff breezes and temps in the mid-40s with lows in the mid-20s. Breezes drop off a bit for Wednesday and temps remain the same. Thursday breezes drop off totally and looks to be a fairly nice day with temps in the upper 40s – same for Friday. Saturday, Sunday and Monday we have a chance of thunderboomers, rain and/or snow – temps in the upper 40s for highs and in the upper 20’s for lows. You can check out the forecast for the week at (enter Aspendell, CA in the search and scroll down to see the temps).

Juanita, Rick, Patti, Dwayne and Bob