I have a problem I could use some advice on. I am in charge of planning and executing a Boy Scout fishing trip in late September this year. I want all these boys to catch something so they can complete their Merit Badges . I'm basically a stream guy, I really have hit and miss results with lakes.

I have no idea how many boys will be signing up. We will be coming from Santa Clarita. I don't know of anywhere good locally to take them (they don't stock Piru creek nor Bouquet Creek anymore). I know if I take them up to Rock Creek (north of Bishop) the majority (if not all) will catch something but that is a 4 hour drive (without breaks). I can't find any good info for either Kennedy Meadows (3 hour drive ), nor the Kern near Lake Isabella 2-2.5 hour drive. I do see that DFG stocks both above and below the lake so I would assume there is at least the chance of some good fortune.

And since it is during the school year we couldn't leave town until 4:30 or so on Friday at the earliest.So it's either leave Friday and go to Isabella, camp for two nights or Leave early Saturday morning for Bishop and only camp overnight.

I'll have to scout (pun intended) out the trip myself before I drag these boys up there (unless I go to Rock Creek).

Any words of advice are greatly appreciated.