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Thread: Perris 4/16

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    Default Perris 4/16

    Couple things.

    First off for the report. Braved the cool weather and the strong breeze today. Finally got a few numbers, about a dozen fish today. First time Iíve gotten more then 10 fish in an outing this year. But, over the past several weeks it seems like Iíve been getting some good quality fish over numbers. A couple of 7ís, couple of 6ís and quite a few over 5. Two biggest today went 7-2 and 5-14. Thinking the weather would help the reaction bite, it didnít. Pretty much got everything on plastics.

    Secondly, is anybody catching anything off the dam? I keep hitting it thinking itíll start producing, but Iíve only landed 1 off the dam all year. One of these days Iíll smarten up and leave the dam alone. Anyone else having these issues?

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    damn, I knew it would be great conditions (overcast) for good fishing, but the KNX weather forecast the day before said very windy .....I didn't want to make that drive and maybe not get on, so I waited for Wednesday -- and the blue bird skies and post-front conditions ..... again, damn !!!

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