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Thread: Maybe First Bowfished Carp

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    Default Maybe First Bowfished Carp

    Went out last Tuesday to see what Perris is like for bowfishing. Saw lots of fish very deep 5-8 feet but managed to scratch out a few. Next trip I will use my heavier arrows and bow with more poundage. Can't wait to see these guys shallow when the spawn starts to happen. At any rate we removed a few egg eaters for you bass guys. Keep me posted on activity and I will do what I a can to keep at 'em.

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    augnmike.. Have you used the slingshot with the short arrows for carp?

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    Nice to see you at least got a couple of them in the end. Things weren't looking so good earlier when I was talking to you. What area of the lake did you wind up getting a couple in?

    The Carp spawn was pretty crazy last year. There's some really big girls for the taking roaming the waters!

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    Fishmounter, no I have not tried that.

    Ken, great to meet you on the water. We went all the way up the shore line toward the south but not all the way to the boundary line for Bowfishing and did not see many fish at all. The few I shot were in the trees where I ran into you. We saw a lot of carp but just too deep for my set up that day. I have 2000 grain arrows that I use with a heavier pull bow for deep water. It makes success easier but it's really hard to judge refraction at those kind of depths.

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    Out of curiosity what do you do with the carp?

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    Most bow fisherman do some combo of the following:
    Use them for fertilizer
    Give them to individuals who like them
    Dump them for the coyotes
    And some lakes have grinders that grind them up

    Some lakes spend 100's of thousands of dollars trying to limit the population so they grind them up for mulch

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    Thanks for the report Mike, cant wait till it happens either. Ill agree with ya....nice job getting out early and force feeding the first carp of the year (I havent seen any reports yet). That's a nice blue shirt but it needs some more blood on it! Might head out next week, just waiting on the new hitch receiver. Cheers buddy
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