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Thread: Using the right fishingrod

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    Default Using the right fishingrod

    Hello everyone havenít posted anything since 2004 itís been a looong time lol any ways I was thinking about purchasing a lake rod with a low profile baitcasting reel combo i saw at dicks sporting goods i was thinking about using it for saltwater fishing, would this be a good idea? Also how can you tell when a fishing rod is for a bait casting reel or spinning reel

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    Easiest way to tell a spinning rod is the first couple guides nearest the reel seat will be much wider than on a baitcaster. As for using a fresh water reel in salt, it's ok providing you clean the heck out of the reel as soon as you get home. I recently took a Currado 200E to Oceanside harbor and let it sit for a couple days. I went to use it and the thumb bar wouldn't even move. Soaked it in warm water for half an hour and freed up everything.
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