Iím from SoCal (LA Area) and mainly fish the areas from Malibu going down to Long Beach. I make family trips to the NorCal (Bay Area) frequently, about one weekend every month, sometimes more. Looking for a 9í rod & reel combo that can handle fishing SoCal and NorCal fishes from the surf. I am also new to the game and started surf fishing only 3 months ago. I currently use a Browning Six Rivers sxr86mhs-2. This is 8'6 with MH F action and a Lure wt rating at 1/4-5/8 oz. The rod is not heavy and feels comfortable on a Shimano 3000 NASCI. Iíve caught perch, croakers, and a small halibut on it. Iím able to cast ok with it, though not too far using a 2oz pyramid sliding sinker.

I recently bought a 10í6 Mojo Surf paired with a Daiwa BG 5000 which I think is too long and heavy for me. My casting distance didnít improve from my 8í6 rod and I tired out easily. I donít think this is the correct rod for me at this very moment, as maybe the learning curve of this rod is too high for me right now, or maybe it truly isnít necessary for our beaches. Anyways Iím returning the rod, but I may keep the reel as Iíll probably find it useful for fishing something else (also itís so smooth).

Fishes I want to target: Surfperch (comfortably), Stripers (NorCal), and Halibut. If possible, I want to be able to go Calico bass fishing with some friends (this is optional but if the rod can take it great). Can this all fit into one rod?

As for reel, I think I may just get a smaller Daiwa BG again
Budget for Reel: $140
Budget for Rod: $260
Online merchant preferred.

With some research, I think I determined I need a MH rod with either fast to moderate action, and 1-4oz lure wt rating. If this specs are ok, what about these rods? If those specs are not ok, what should I be looking for?

Okuma CSX-S-902MH Cedros
Daiwa TDSURF902MFS Team Daiwa
Daiwa CLSP902MHFS Coastal Salt Pro
Shimano Teramar TMS90MHB