Water temp in the shallows of the east end are in roller coaster mode currently. On Tuesday they were hovering at the 65 degree mark, yesterday they were back down to 59 degrees.

Yesterday was my birthday so I took the yak out. I would normally just sit out days with similar weather forecasts. I intended to just leave when it started raining, but then remembered the bass are already wet anyways. I'm glad I just stuck it out in the end. I wound up getting 6 bass in the yak, lost 3 during the fight, and had one missed short strike. Every fish I caught/hooked was in or around submerged brush or flooded timber in the 8-16ft range. Sadly the smallest was just under a pound and the largest was just under 2 lbs. One of the ones that got away was maybe in the 2.5-3 lb range. I was throwing a trap and a warpig as it's really the only way I can enjoy my time fishing. I did much better on my birthday last year, but the lake level was 15 ft lower and I believe the weather was more favorable.