LOL, wow sign on to any ridiculous new proposal brought forth by the new liberal mouthpieces. Now who's on drugs. No doubt there is an ugly past but where do you draw the line. Most early US presidents were slave owners, 30 years ago it was still acceptable norm to call a person black, today someone can be offended so yes I get it snowflakes, you can cry and whine on just about anything. Now let's not stop there, how about the chinese who were abused working the railroads west, or native americans, or how about everyone of Japanese descent for their internment. Just about everyone's got a case and who are you to say they don't? So to bring it all back it's you putting your hands out again gimme gimmee......

The entitlement mentality is strong with you and these other future democrat voters
Yeah I'll let you cut that 50K check snowflake.

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I find it hilarious that when it comes to reparations for slavery, people like Stoolplate will say, "Get it over it! That's history!"

But try to take down a confederate statue? He'll be saying, "How dare you! That's history!"