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With all this rain, I wonder if the dry pond filled back up? If so, they should just put in baby Redear Sunfish. They don't over-populate like the Bluegills do, so there won't end up being a bunch of little fish to catch like so many other lakes and park ponds. Redears grow fast and get pretty big. Put in 100 fingerling bass, and in two to three years, the pond would have some good fishing. And they should make the bass catch and release only.
Out of curiosity I went to Rancho Jurupa lake today to check out the back natural lake. It does have some water in in now because of the rains, but is still really low. The long drought did a number on it. Nothing but a lot of bass fry along the edges that seem super hungry. I did manage to catch a small carp less that 6 inches though.Nothing else. No bluegill or sunfish to be seen. May take a couple more seasons of rain to get back to normal