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Thread: First paddle out of the year

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    Default First paddle out of the year

    The ocean was a lake yesterday no swell, no wind how could I resist? Had couple hours in PM to launch into kelp on my 9ft longboard for the first time this year. IN the past early spring meant bigger bass hanging near structure closer to shore. As usual, the opposite happened. I was right about cold water and lack of bait, however.

    First 45 min of tossing plastics in rocks, around kelp and through kelp produced nothing but 1 mid-size sandy to beat the skunk. Since conditions were nice, I paddled to single-plant kelp lines way outside and there the mayhem began. It seemed any place Id toss tube parallel to the current I would get slammed, in several places I would get calicos or sandies on every cast. It was a fish show w/o commercial breaks. I was ready to keep one in 18-24 range but did not hook any that size. About equal # of both bass species, a total 30-40, perhaps, most 10-12 , 4-5 legals, biggest 16, all released. After my plastics got shredded and were tailless they would attack them just the same, maybe lack of bait made them hungry, Im glad I had my booties on or who knows..

    Im looking forward to getting out there again and see how can the ocean trick me next time..

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    Dude, much respect! I imagine it is tough fishing on a longboard. Thanks for the report.

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    Nice job! Sounds like fun out there!

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    Sounds like a great morning,wtg on stretching the line!

    Cya Tuna Vic

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