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Thread: The Best Valentine Day story's with a fishing twist.

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    Default The Best Valentine Day story's with a fishing twist.

    I'll give 3 that I liked and hopefully others will add some of their own.

    1. A wife is hoping to get a real nice present from her husband on Valentines Day. (so she is snooping on line at the Bank statements) When she see's a $305 dollar charge at Walmart. She is thinking her husband bought her a fine piece of jewelry and is very excited! When Valentines Day comes around she can hardly control her excitement! The moment arrives and they exchange gifts. The Husband gave her a $5 dollar box of chocolate and she couldn't believe it! She then confessed that she saw a $305 dollar charge at Walmart but only got a $5 dollar box of chocolate. What did you spend the other $300 on ask the wife? Fishing tackle of course!

    2. A husband tells his wife he wants to go fishing on Valentines Day. She say's if he does, she is leaving him! He does go fishing on Valentines Day but leaves at 4:00 am in the morning, so he doesn't have to help her pack her things!

    The last one is similar to the first one, but has a visual image that goes with it. (I'll just describe the visual image)

    3. A man spent all of his available cash on new fishing tackle and had no money left for a Valentines Day present. He remembers a scene from his favorite mini series "The game of Thrones" and decides to use it for himself. It's a scene with Peter D (the Dwarf) has his hands bound and is presented to his enemy's with a clever line to save himself. He say's, "I AM THE GIFT!" lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkShadow View Post
    Good one!!! That got me laughing immediately!

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    I hear "The Don" has reservations made at both McDonald's and KFC.

    Melania is in for a treat tonight.

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    I think he's just planning on them having leftovers from the fast food feast with the college football champs.

    Do frogs know it's Valentines Day? There has been a frog "singing" near our little lily pond near the house every time it rains. Well, last night in the rain, at least 2 other frogs joined in, so there are now at least 3 frogs by the pond. I presume that they are courting. I saw 2 of them on the edge of the pond through the window, so I went outside to take photos of them, but they went underwater as soon as I approached the pond. Later, I saw 1 and took a couple of photos through the window, but I don't know if the photos will turn out.

    I am hoping for MYLF tadpoles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Natural Lefty View Post
    I saw 2 of them on the edge of the pond through the window.....
    You can name one Daniels. The other you can name Stormy.

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    Yep. Those are the girl ones. Or I could name one Stormy Daniels and the other one Karen McDougal. I heard another one I think is a boy "singing" to them from the other side of the pond. I could name him "Donald."

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    I just saw the best ending to this thread!

    9 months from now you could be changing a Diaper or going fishing!

    I hope many of you made the right decision last night on Valentines Day! lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by etucker1959 View Post
    I hope many of you made the right decision last night on Valentines Day! lol
    And it didn't cost me $130,000!

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