Welcome to the 2019 season of Los Angeles Dodger baseball, brought to you by Microsoft Excel. Hopefully the front office's spreadsheets do not calculate a 3rd straight World Series loss for the team this year.

Looks like the front office decided to make some changes after the beat down the Red Sox provided us in October, which made us look more like the Angels, than the Dodgers.

A few faces will be missing from the dugout, mainly in the trade that sent Kemp, Wood and Puig to the Reds. While we replaced Puig and Kemp with the all star Pollock, I will miss Wood, as he ate up innings and fared pretty well in 2018. I see that Grandal flew the coop and will be tallying up the passed balls with the Brewers now, and won't have to worry about his playoffs yips, since the Brewers won't be makin' it to no stinkin' playoffs. But, no matter, we got the primordial Russel Martin to share the catching duties with Austin Barnes.

Speaking of ancient, it looks like this might by Rich Hill's final year as a Dodger, as he will be taken out back and done like Old Yeller after the season ends. I'm sure the Gatorade jugs in the dugout are breathing a sigh of relief. And what's up with Corey Seager? When will he be healthy after having like two dozen surgeries in the past year, including Tommy John. Tommy John.

How will the rotation look like? Who's gonna be our every day catcher? Will Yasiel Puig start controversy in Cincinatti before week 2 after a bat flip?



Los Angeles Dodgers 95 - 67
Colorado Rockies 82 - 80
Arizona Diamondbacks 77 - 85
San Diego Padres 74 - 88
San Francisco vaGiants 73 - 89

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