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Thread: (Speakers corner) What will Trump run on in 2020?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkShadow View Post
    Yeah, anybody else do their taxes yet?

    Yeah. I got back close to the same amount last year and more money on my check thru out the year. So itís pretty nice. Thanks POTUS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkShadow View Post
    The people that change your diapers Chucky.

    Cmon, catch up!
    You should eat some BETO dirt. It could help you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHUCKY View Post
    Yeah. I got back close to the same amount last year and more money on my check thru out the year. So it’s pretty nice. Thanks POTUS.
    Remember your tax cut has an expiration date! (so you will eventually pay more) While the Rich and the corporations tax cut are for "FOREVER!" That doesn't seem fair to me, which is always the Republican theme to everything. (for example) Why should I go to work everyday and pay tax's. While the Free loaders who don't work or illegal aliens get money and the same Health Care as my self! It is a 2 way street! You can't claim because something isn't fair it should be eliminated. With the exception of if it's in, "My interest, my party's interest or my donors interest." Fairness shouldn't count then!
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    Chucky, you will be paying for it big time when your government can no longer afford to fix the roads, give you clean water, have adequate policing, and your health care costs skyrocket, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by etucker1959 View Post
    The 2 most obvious are the economy and the famous tax cuts. Let's take a look at these individually so we can analyze them more closely.

    The Economy.

    There is no doubt the economy is going very strong. But it is going just slightly better then it was in the last 2 years of the Obama administration. So you would have thought Hillary could have rode that into the White House herself. (it didn't work out that way did it?) Trump could say look at the stock market since I've been President! It has gone up quite a bit, but since 50% of the population doesn't own any stocks that doesn't help them at all. The big in your face the Dems can throw at Trump when he shouts at the top of his lungs about how great the economy is doing. What about wage growth? It's pretty flat and barely keeping up with inflation. The economy will be a sorta nice thing he can talk about, but it's not a 1 shot world beater he would hope it would be.

    The famous tax cut.

    I think he will go totally silent on this one. Everybody knows it was for the Millionaire & Billionaires and Corporations. If anything it may hurt him pretty badly with the working and middle class. I just read an article that said, tax refunds are down 8.25% from this time last year! That's even before the true middle class starts filing! (remember the middle class tax cut sunsets in 8 years) So he's not going to run on that!

    What's left be those tried and true social issues. Immigration, Gun control and Abortion!

    I think Gun control or the lack of it won't be played this time. It works better for an Republican to claim a Democratic President in his 2nd term will go after your guns. So that's probably out. But the next 2 issues look prime!

    The wall and the womb will be perfect for this President to rally his base behind!

    Build the wall! Build the wall! Build the wall! Will be a perfect rallying cry for his base!

    Abortion also looks prime! Did you see how much Trump talked about it in his State of the Union address? (no President ever did that before!)

    They already put 2 Catholics on the Bench under Trump. Trump is right about you put enough Conservatives on the bench and legalized Abortion is history! Judge Roberts is holding the fort for now on keeping Roe vs Wade the law of the land! But Ginsburg is the key! She will be lucky to last 2 more years. Give Trump 4 more years and he will replace her for sure and there goes the neighborhood on legalized Abortion! I think that has the possibility of being the single most important issue in the next Presidential election followed by the wall! The Democrats changeling for the Presidency better get a strategy working on Abortion or their going to get caught flat footed!

    Let's see if I'm right!
    No collusion

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