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I guess the flat tax in Russia explains the soaring wealth inequality there, and the rise of oligarchic rule in Russia, as exemplified by the Putin regime.
Got to love how Comrade Steelhead dodged your comment by referring to scenarios which do not even exist:

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Well, if we're talking about 70% taxes on the uber wealthy and rainbow ponies that are powered by wind, hydrogen and solar than it's not a far fetched idea is it? Now I'm no where near wealthy but I don't think these wholesale pie in the sky concepts are going to fly.
And then tries to tack with more triggered talk of unions?

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What makes you think people who are non union prefer to be underpaid and abused? You must be a part of a union. Lots of specialized fields that are NOT unionized and no complaints here.
Seems you put the zap on the critical-thinking areas of what passes for his brain with that essay.