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    its been tough for me on the banks this winter.. but ya the few I did get weren't huge sadly. and the one that I did get that could have been was just skinny. but managed a smally the other day after work. the upper been constantly lowering over the past couple months.. the lower at least when I tried it the few times was super muddy. but its almost the best time to be out fishing soon as it warms up a little. gl out there.

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    How is the water level at the lower lagoon? Last time I was there they were letting water in and it was the highest I've ever seen.

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    its filled to top and overflowing and has been for a couple months.. because they have been lowering upper on purpose a lot. im guessing to prepare for all the water that will be incoming. I doubt lagoon will lose water for a few mnths.. the bad thing it was really muddy and stained type water so I haven't caught anything there but my baits are more for clear so I guess I should get some brighter stuff incase lagoon stay murky all spawn.

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