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Thread: FS: New JDM UL Rods - Made in Japan, 2 ounce. Amazing rods.

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    Default FS: New JDM UL Rods - Made in Japan, 2 ounce. Amazing rods.

    This sale is those in So California so that you can pick up and avoid shipping charges. This makes for a phenomenal deal for you who chase trout and other UL endeavors.

    Please PM if interested.

    These are brand new never fished with tags still on the guides. Includes a factory zipper case and all papers.

    Of all the JDM rods I have examined, I believe that the 'bang for the buck' king would be the Olympic 2018 Corto series. Their power to weight ratio is absolutely incredible, and their sensitivity is off the charts. If you swing the rod without any lure, it is so light that the tip won't flex a lot and feels incredibly stiff but with a lure, it will cast beautifully and cushion a 2 lbs line nicely. You can check out a review by Troutmagnetman on Youtube.

    So, I have these brand new with tags and original case in different lengths. I am listing the factory published weight which is basically on target. All come with Fuji Titanium guides (T series - their lightest design) and a cloth bag.

    I received these directly from Japan. They have papers that indicate that these were made in Japan in January, 2019.

    Price is firm. These are fantastic price for a genuine JDM rod - meaning it is actually made in Japan.

    1. Olympic 18 Corto - GCRTS-6102L-HS 
    6' 10", 57 grams (2 ounces!). Solid tip for sensitivity - particularly for minijigs and such. Just slightly heavier than a feather....

    2. Olympic 18 Corto - GCRTS-742L-T
    7' 4", 63 grams (2.24 ounces!). Tubular tip. Huge lure range for 0.8-10 grams. If you want maximum casting distance or control over the fish with a long rod, this one is it. 2.24 ounces is amazing for a rod of this length.

    I genuinely believe that nothing in the USA can come remotely close to the price/performance ratio, and among the JDM rods, these most likely the best bang for the buck. Other JDM rods of this weight and made in Japan are well north of $350.

    Please PM if interested.

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    Item #1 - the 6' 10" rod sold.


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    Both sold. Thanks.

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