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Thread: Phenix Iron Feather - why such wide ranging love/hate experience?

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    Default Phenix Iron Feather - why such wide ranging love/hate experience?

    I've not fished the Iron Feather but reading online, I can't think of another rod that brings about such different comments.

    I've read some that say it is greatly lacking sensitivity because the tip is too soft. Then I read others who rave about its sensitivity.
    That goes too for comment about durability.

    Anyone care to give insight who have fished with it? Why the great range of opinions?



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    The phenix iron feather is a great rod depending what you're using it for, currently I'm using this rod for crappie fishing it's long and has a really soft tip similar to an ice fishing rod. The durability on this rod is not that great I already broke 2 of them by snags and bumping into things during transportation and it costs about $140 for a replacement through phenix under there warranty but over all its a good rod if you don't mind spending that type of money.

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