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Thread: 1/13 report

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    Default 1/13 report

    I went to Skinner today with Joe.
    The plan was to fish Striper by the BL. The usual plan. The backup plan was to look for big gills.
    Also as usual, we make that right and troll around the large cove.
    Its that time again, we started hanging nice trout on each pass.
    We farmed about 4 fish. Hell we farmed three at the same time.
    I did a long distance release and a by the boat release with assistance.
    We were two short of two limits. They stopped biting after getting blanked on a few passes.
    It was off the the BL. When we got there, I started hanging dink after dink. I was picking them up on the crowller.
    Nothing big enough to want to take home today. After a while they gave up on us.
    We headed back to the kill zone to try and round out our limits. This time there were three other boat in the area clogging up our troll route.
    We put miss Pinky back to work and nailed two trout on the first pass and were done 4 the day.

    Yea Buddy Irvine lake is back! These trout are all 1.5 to 2.5 lbs!
    They put nice trout in this lake and they are biting!
    We got on the lake at about 7:30 and left are 2:30.
    We also caught two LMB that were about 12" (by-catch).
    Now you know, go get um

    See ya on the water Boyz

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    Just to be clear, you're at Lake Skinner? You mentioned Irvine lake was back...

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    Default Where ?

    [QUOTE=rcgj;799429]Just to be clear, you're at Lake Skinner? You mentioned Irvine lake was back...[/QUOTE

    I was thinking the same thing , also what’s a miss pinky ?
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    Dudes, Mis Pinky was infamous at the Vine!
    The trout at Skinner are the same class!
    We are doing the same thing as we did so many years back.
    I guess you might want to break out the FT Rapalas as well!
    The only thing missing is four boats trolling side by side and lining up at 4:30 to get in.
    There is also the extra 45 min tow to get there.

    See ya on the water, or stay home. Its your choice Boyz.

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