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Thread: Blake Jones Trout Derby 2019

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    Default Blake Jones Trout Derby 2019

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    My family started going to the BJTD in the early 70s. Participated maybe 30 to 40 times. Had lots of fun. We missed a few derbies, won some prizes, but the tradition was great. In those years, in fact until recently, the weigh-in was at Pleasant Valley Reservoir. That location was very friendly for us, and the several RVers we traditionally went with to derby fish. Also, the weigh-in was convenient, so that a 3PM weigh-in meant we and hundreds of others could fish the reservoir until after 1PM an still make it to the weigh-in. I wish the old weigh-in location had been maintained, but figure some reason makes that impossible. Now that the derby ends in downtown Bishop, I am guessing, reservoir fisherman will need to stop fishing at about noon (walk out of the reservoir, drive to town and park handle the derby stuff) which means a four to six hour fishing chance at best. I do not want to discourage anyone, this is a fun event, but for many of the people we use to go with a 250 mile trip each way for six hours of Derby fishing is tough (Day 1 is travel and set up, Day 2 is derby, Day 3 is a maybe a couple hours to fish then break down camp and drive home) . This is just my 2 cents of a wish the event could be moved back to its location at PVR.
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    im going to take Steven to this hes going to have a blast

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    You going to go?

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