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Thread: Freezing the butt

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    Default Freezing the butt

    Got that festive new red license and had to put it to work. Finished the year by putting kids on small BSP and this evening was a solo exploration of old holes. Conditions were .. well..cold, water ranging from clear to murky and some current of fast-moving tide and minimal swell. NO bait but some sticks and grass floating in few areas.

    Waded on a sloping sandbar and casted into slight depression and in few minutes my 3-year old LC (the beater kind) stopped and responded with headshakes. I take it really slow and work to the beach making sure beachgoers gather. The hali didn’t feel like acting in cold water and barely moved through landing/unhooking/release, measured at 20”.

    Tried another hole that looked like a current channel with whirlpools and it had some chunky perch (landed a couple of those), then waded by the rocks and saw many shadows. Before I could say ‘Leos’ my LC connected itself to the tail of one ~3 ft long. Easy release.
    Sun began to set and that wind was getting through my wetsuit – time to get out. Hope we get more structure this winter but there is some promise already. Have fun out there!

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    It has been cold, 'almost' takes the fun out of it.......................

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    Nice morning there,I was just fishing up around Lytle Creek last week,the worst part of it was the wind and cold temps,kinda takes the fun out of it,thanks for the report!

    Cya Tuna Vic

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