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Thread: Choosing between Guasti and Glen Helen for trout?

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    Default Choosing between Guasti and Glen Helen for trout?

    Want to take my younger son to chase some trout....:)

    Is there a recommendation between Guasti and Glen Helen?

    (Or would Jess Ranch be better than both?)

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Jess ranch. Rig a rod for cats also they have holdovers.
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    Thanks! Would Friday or Saturday be a better day to go fish at Jess? I heard that they stock on Friday - presumably after closing? But Friday would have fewer people

    THanks again Theos.

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    Jess ranch. Rig a rod for cats also they have holdovers.
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    Any day is good to fish, don't worry about the stocking day they usually don't bite the same day anyway.

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    always choose Jess Ranch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultralight View Post
    Thanks! Would Friday or Saturday be a better day to go fish at Jess? I heard that they stock on Friday - presumably after closing? But Friday would have fewer people

    THanks again Theos.
    If you can fish Friday, and the weather is nice, i would definitely fish Friday over the weekend!! Those lakes are small and i believe with less pressure, they're more willing to bite. The fish are closer to shore early, then move out deeper when the sun moves overhead. I would try the lake in front of the hatchery first. Try and get a spot either left or right of the intake as i have seen people do well there on trout while I was bass fishing. Don't be afraid to throw big lures there as I have caught numerous trout on bass crankbaits while walking the lakes....I imagine a Rap CD either 1-5 would do well there. Its more fun than the bait and wait, and if you don't catch anything on those.....there's always the skunk buster pond. Gluck and have fun with the kiddo

    ...and watch for the dude on the golf cart, he'll find ya doing anything wrong lol

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    In adding my 2 cents in fishing Jess Ranch is this. It's only open 3 day's a week Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They stock on Friday but it's mostly in the afternoon. (that's what most people agree on on other fishing websites) So you only have a few hours at best to fish on Friday for the freshly planted fish. (they close at 4pm) If you fish on Sunday, the stupid fish that have just been planted have been fished for part of Friday and all day Saturday. So Sunday doesn't seem that good of a day to go! So what does that leave? Saturday would seem the best day to me. (yes more people) But if you get there early, you get all day to fish for freshly planted (hopefully stupid fish) and all the holdovers from previous stockings.

    That's just my 2 cents, but the proof is in the pudding! Go there twice, once on Friday and once on Saturday. See for yourself which day is better. Please report back your results! lol
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    Ah yes the golf cart man, he used to mess with me just to get a reaction. When he didn't we became bud's, one year he gave me 5 free passes for Christmas.

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    Thanks everyone for taking time to respond. Very nice of you guys/gals. Much appreciated.

    Here's what we experienced.

    My son and I did go and used minijigs. We got skunked in the large lake though one gentleman caught four including one large one that would not surprimse it if it topped 5 lbs. Long but a bit thin. All the fish I saw caught were comfortably over 1 lbs and looke closer to 2 to my eye but I'm not a good judge unless I actually weigh. Most were powerbaiters - one family caught four but most other guys caught two at most with a number of them also skunked. None limited out that we saw all day and we walked both lakes. Of course, we did not visit everyone fishing. The wind picked up considerably in the afternoon into a very stiff breeze which may have contributed to the trout shutting down - not sure.

    Getting skunked at the large lake is not our preferred choice but it was not a lost day. We headed over to the stocked pond to get our free trout. What surprised us is towards 2pm, how difficult it was at that point. Not nearly as many trout as we thought in there and there were people that were dunking powerbait for a while without catching one. We ended helping a family catch their trout and gave our two to them and another guy who was also skunked. Catching at that point was a bit more challenging than we thought and my son and I had to figure out some techniques that will entice the trout to bite in that pond. They do not allow lures including minijigs. Only powerbait. So we had to figure out how to fish powerbait like a jig. My son ended up getting a bunch for the family - they were happy and we were happy with the challenge of helping. What made our day was their first grader squealing in delight everytime we hooked up on a fish, handed the rod to the parents to bring in, and the kid netted the trout. We met another family who went in 2018 and caught 30 from that pond but did not catch any yesterday so apparently they don't always bite as readily. That said, those who were at the pont earlier in the day found the trout more catchable.

    Finally, we do not mind the guy on the cart. They seem quite strict here but we follow rules just fine as that's what I taught my boys.

    All in all, a fun day but next time we go, we'll go on a Friday and see if things are better. We are generally proficent on minijigs and will try again, as we don't prefer to powerbait in general.

    Thanks again everyone for commenting.
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