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Thread: Eastern Sierras

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    Default Eastern Sierras

    Anybody else love the Eastern Sierras after the general fishing season has closed?

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    Here Here!!! Was up there chasing Leroy from Thursday-Thursday the last week of the season, had a few get to 3.5 .....Did ya find any gold at the end of the rainbow?? I heard there was some bigguns still in there. Way back in '12 i spent two weeks in January up at the pit. At $2 a night, i stayed another week fishing the rez and the restricted stretch below it lol

    The one thing i miss more than the multitudes of cars at every turnout during the general... are all the googans tapdancing over all the redds during the cutty spawn. Its ok though, they have waders on...those leash-less dog owners know exactly what their doing
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