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Thread: 12-1 LAB run Report

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    Default 12-1 LAB run Report

    12-1 LAB run Report

    Date - Fishing Time: 12/1/18 7:20 am 1:00 pm
    Location / Launch Location: Los Alamitos Bay (LAB) / 69th Place
    Total Fish Caught: 1 Sand Bass, 4 Spotted Bay Bass, 3 Calico Bass
    Bait Used (No of fish): Smoke (4), Watermelon Red (3), New Penny (1)

    Solo session
    69th place is always packed with surprises for me. Started off the morning dealing with some crazy tides as little tornadoes of water formed around me and I had to constantly switch positions to stay in the same place. When leaving, the winds kicked up and I spent quite a bit of time kicking back to the beach. Had additional issues with a dickface boater that literally circled me on my way in.

    Goals Primary goal today was to try out my new baits. I did tie on some Red Crab but did not get any bites on it. Proud to report that all of my baits caught fish with the exception of the White/Silver. I even tied on a color that is similar to New Penny that is light Pumpkin Brown with Copper and Black flake and it caught a bass.

    Report Had the pleasure of catching several really notable fish. Caught a HUGE Spottie for me that fought like all hell and a Calico that was also an insane fighter. I really need a measuring tape on my tray so I can get an idea of the length. My thumb is literally all tore up and sore from handling these fish. Tried really hard to get them under control much faster and get them shown to the camera. Not sure if I accomplished that but damn my thumb hurts now.

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    Nice going,seems like you do better and better each time out,yes that was a calico for sure,also you should just tape out some inch marks on your yellow lid for measuring with a sharpie,looks like your late start paid off,cool vid, thanks!

    Cya Tuna Vic

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    Thanks Vic! Appreciate you watching. So much to learn, I try and set a goal each time I go out but new stuff just keeps popping up to learn. lol.

    Never ending process I guess. Thank you!

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    Al I I do sympathise with you , The bay is small place and on race days it can be hectic . And you are crossing the main channel , that sail boat is out the yacht club .Although he is close it would appear to most you aren’t moving . Day times aren’t the best for float tubers . The summers can VERY BUSY In AB .

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