I was out labor day just under Headgate Dam, and I saw something new.

I was wading some shallow mixed mud/pebble/cobble flats with weeds, off to the side, out of the main flow.
In one of the deeper (3-4') troughs I saw some silver fish rolling around, so I cast my small Rapala out and hooked something for about 1 second. I think I snagged it.
Fish kept on rolling so i made some more cast for nothing. I stood still for a while and they disappeared, the reappeared a couple feet from me in about 2' of water, gliding along the bottom.
about 5-6 of them, what looked like bonefish. They breezed around then went back out and started rolling around the surface again. This happened 4 or five times. Every time i had to do a double take.
Water was shallow and clear and i was wearing polarized glasses.

They were not carp, but they acted like them with the rolling and breezing around in a small group.
they were silver, slim, much more sleek than a carp, silver with a darker grey back, and had a forked tail. The closest thing i have ever seen like it would be saltwater fish like a bonefish or mullet. they were about 14" long.