I'm heading up to NorCal tonight to visit my buddy in Sacramento this week and would love to do some fishing.
My friend doesn't fish so has no idea where to go.

Looking on Google Maps, he lives right near the intersection of the Sacramento River and American River but I'm happy to fish anywhere within 30 mins or so.

Tomorrow (Sunday), we're going to head to the Auburn area to do some hiking so any info on that area would be helpful as well.

I'm assuming I will probably be fishing for trout or bass so that's the gear I'm taking.
I plan to visit the Bass Pro in Rocklin on the way to Auburn so can pick up anything else if anyone has specific recommendations.

Any tips on where to fish or what to use would be greatly appreciated.
I'll be happy to reciprocate if someone is heading down to SoCal.

Feel free to PM me if you prefer.