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Thread: Late Central California rockfish report

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    Default Late Central California rockfish report

    Recently finished the Central Coast Slam and had a blast. Caught a lot of bottom fish and I am pretty sure a personal best cabezon. I also lost a 33+ halibut off the yak. Had 3 great days of fishing! I saw a lot of Lingcod caught, just none by me.

    Post tournament some monster fish were caught south of Moonstone beach near Santa Rosa. Even recently there have been some monster perch from the surf caught!

    Check out my review of Central Coast Slam at:

    And a video of my fishing adventure at:

    Leave comments and let me know what you think.

    Tights lines guys!

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    Looked like a fun time.
    The quality of the film was good, the angle from the bow of the yak was better than head mount.
    I would suggest shorter rods.
    Last, I would have fished closer to the rocks than the kelp.

    Take care,

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    I grew up surfing, but after seeing how many sharks there are nowadays cruising our coast.
    I would be extremely paranoid hanging my feet over the side while dragging chum on a stringer. WOW!
    Nice job on the catching though. It looks like a ton of fun.

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    Murrieta angler - thanks for the support and watching the video!

    It was a blast! The bow camera is a hero6 - awesome quality, head cam hero3. Camera problems and had to switch things up. Definitely not my normal approach to filming. I like shorter rods and am working on new ones. The problem is finding a medium/heavy rod for 20-50# line at about 7'. My yak is long... I wanted to fish closer to the rocks as well (awesome bottom terrain). The wind changed directions multiple times during the day and the kelp drift was horrible, and i would have ended up on the rock!

    Mr. B.

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    Its funny you say that Brent! Just a couple days after this competition divers were pulled out of the water because of a good size great white. The boat followed it and got camera footage of it next to the boat. I have shark shield and prey every trip it works!

    Thanks for the support and for watching the video, more to come.

    Mr. B

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    ventura, ca


    Nice video, always wanted to check out Central coast rocks/kelp ...on a warm sunny day.
    Sent you PM on VTA area fishing.

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