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Thread: Bass trifecta

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    Default Bass trifecta

    Nether surfing (hardly any waves) nor surf-fishing looked promising (pulled one perch to clear the skunk). The water is warm and clear with baitfish but upon inspection all of my usual beach holes were filled flat with sand full of corbinas feeding on crabs and getting spooked by my LC.

    So I grabbed my rod and plastics and paddled on my longboard to the kelp. It was hard to locate it from surface but my jig found it and I was in the zone. Calico and sandbass were coming regularly, a couple in 15-18 size (all released) and the bait and smelt were crashing the surface all around and after a while I hooked into a couple short WSB about 20 and 24 with nice stripes and flashing silver. Finished with a colorful mackerel and a bag of shredded plastics. Big calicos and sandies are taking them cleanly on the drop but the small calicos are the worst: chasing and biting the tails off.

    It was rather tranquil floating with slight current on a dropping tide, saw a kayaker who got into some rockfish with squid. Hope the fall swells develop some structure as the halibut are missing in action..

    Have fun out there.

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    efishentNice to see another local on here! Congrats on the fish, I've been getting skunked everywhere in VC lately. You do any Kayak fishing? if you got some advice please let me know!

    Mr. B.

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    Sounds like a nice session to me!


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    Nice work! Sounds like fun!

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