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Thread: The Future of East San Pedro Bay

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    Default The Future of East San Pedro Bay

    I just ran across this interesting article about possible changes to East San Pedro Bay, which is the official name of the water from 72nd Place to Shoreline Drive.

    Personally, I'm for more fish habitat any way I can get it, but I'm sure there are plenty of haters for anything with the word ecosystem in it.

    East San Pedro Bay Ecosystem Restoration Study

    Boating navigation comments are open now, but public comments on the whole idea will be solicited early next year.

    I read once that the Long Beach breakwater is among the deepest in the world and that it holds just massive amounts of rock. I'm sure removing any portion of it would be a huge job.

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    Isn’t the Breakwater a federal property. The houses from 62 too 72 will be very vulnerable too waves and flooding . brakewater is in the 35-40 of water . Water depth by Chaffee island is only 24-26 of water . This will build big waves that get even bigger when they pile in too Jetty . What they need to do ,STOP ALL TRASH coming down both rivers on the North and South ends of city . Water would be able clean it’s self , with out continuous garbage flowing to ocean . The way Harbor is now is fine as it is . I really don’t see this ever happening .

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