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Thread: Why I Hate Fishing On Weekends & Holidays!

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    Default Why I Hate Fishing On Weekends & Holidays!

    Everything Shown Happen TODAY So I Left Early:(

    I hate fishing on weekends and Holidays. Why? Weekend warriors who haven't a clue how to use their aquatic equipment correctly or how to show basic courtesy & common sense. Just 2 days ago in the same area 2 idiots ran over my lines while on a black jet ski running the coast only 50ft from shore.

    Today was a State holiday STATEHOOD DAY. I normally won't fish on a holiday but that fact didn't dawn on me until i heard it on the radio. So today i couldn't enjoy the day, i had to be weary of water users who think that everyone else has to look out for them. Sad but true. On a average weekday i rarely see another person, especially now that school is back on.

    So for those of you who just don't give a darn, remember that you're NOT the only one out there enjoying yourselfs.
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    I feel ya Chris,that’s why I always fish during the week or in the evening! Stay safe Brah!

    Cya Tuna Vic

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    I understand people can make mistakes. But this guy didn't even apologize!

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    Same thing happened to me at pyramid once, a drunk bucket brigadier in a rental boat comes screaming through 10ft from shore and almost cost me two very nice rods. I yelled and he tried to do it again so I broke out the 12ft Okuma with the 7000 C3 Swedish made and a 5 ounce weight (pyramid). I bounced a cast or two in his area and one off the side of the boat.

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    Damn! Hate to hear that idiots are commonplace,,,

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    Sounds like the wake boarders at any lake in SoCal.
    Actually talked with some and they do it on purpose to mess with people.
    They don't like hooks and weights being cast within 10' of them, that's for sure, but hey, if you don't want to get hooked then use the other %99.9 of the lake where we aren't fishing.
    It's frustrating how rude and inconsiderate people are and while a good part are younger disrespectful kids. Most are with their parents being taught how to be an a-hole.

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    Nobody owns the water. It'a a shame that the ones who bend over for others always get railed.

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    I hear that.

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