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Thread: Pyramid Lake 8/10/2018

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    Default Pyramid Lake 8/10/2018

    Late report from a week ago today.

    Seems like the only thing deader than this board, is the fishing at Pyramid lake. I haven't been there in just about a year, but wanted to see what the action was at my previously favorite lake.

    Got there at 7am and was shocked to see that I was the only person there. No other boats, no other shore fishermen. It was like fishing after the zombie apocalypse. I guess the warnings about the blue green algae situation scared everyone away.

    It was so weird being the only person at the ramp, and even after the prep, launch, and parking the trailer, I was still the only person there. Creepy.

    Took off, and motored down the channel, looking for any striper activity. I saw no signs of striper schools all day. Usually, I can see them all over the place on my side scan sonar, even if I'm not catching them. But this day, I saw nothing. Just a few single marks here and there. No schools whatsoever, the whole day. This included the entire channel, Bear Trap, and around that side of the lake to Serrano.

    OK, striper fishing was not in the cards, so I rigged a few rods for green bass. The area just south of Bear Trap was the best spot for me, caught a few 1 pounder LMBs, and the best catch of the day, a small but nice smallmouth (I love smallies). Best bait of the day was a fluke (not super), black and white, on a scrounger head, fished parallel to the shoreline in 10 feet of water or less. The smallie puked up a nice sized crayfish at the surface, so I guess that's what they're feeding on.

    Not a single boil was sighted. A few shad were around the weedlines (what few there were left, I assume they're pounding the lake with algaecide), but nothing at all like a few years ago. In August 2015, I was able to catch 40-50 stripers per day. What a change from those days! All fish CPRed.

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    Thanks for the report...that's a beautiful smallie. I haven't fished Pyramid since April, but I drove past it the other day and saw not one boat. I wonder what happened?

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    Thanks for the report...yup same here when I went in June after 4 fishing boats! Pyramid was my preferred lake... I bought a Castaic season pass..much better...maybe I’ll start going to Silverwood also


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    Nice catch!

    Better than us. We hit nothing, took my family fishing at pyramid last Saturday for my bday. We got nothing sadly.

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