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Thread: Perris report

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    Default Perris report

    Okay so July was a tougher month than normal overall compared to other years as the bass this summer had much more water to work with and many more areas to head out to and call home during these hot weeks..
    Typically Perris during the summer months is pretty cut-and-dry there bass in the grass and there are bass out on the deep ledges, Rock piles and sunken boats.. but this year because of the influx of water and the water being approximately 20 foot higher than it was last year the grass hasn't really had a chance to grow and all the Deep Rock piles and deep Ledges and sunken boats are almost out of play.. trust me I spent a lot of time out there trying to get fish off these deep Ledges out in 40 and 50 but I'm thinking that might be a little deep for the bass this time of year typically 30 to 40 is good but haven't been bit too much between 40 and 50 this year and that seems to be where a lot of the deep Ledges sunken boats and rock piles are... I have 12 sunken boats marked on My Graph and I know where two or three others are as well and I've only been able to actually catch fish off some of them because they were a little bit shallower than others...
    But I have seen on the deeper stuff are suspended fish that will suspend 10 or 15 feet above the structure but as soon as you Mark the Spot or get on the spot they tend to just swim off it so they are not holding tight to those deep water structure spots like they normally would..
    So this summer has been very challenging with no grass with no offshore bite it's kind of a needle in the haystack I chose this summer to fish a lot of the deep brush and deep trees.. and I've had some success but nothing compared to a lot of years.
    we've been waiting for the shad to make their appearance in the shallows all summer but we can't make nature happen, nature will happen when it wants to happen and just because we as Bass Anglers want to catch fish on topwater baits and want the reaction bite to go wide open with the presence of shad doesnt mean nature is going to listen.. the shad come up when they're ready and they move off when they feel they have to... but over the last week I have seen an influx of Shad to the shorelines and the Shad spawn seems to be in full effect FINALLY!! And with the Shad come the bass..
    I had a day this week where I saw the Shad spawn happening so we started with topwater and we caught some good fish including a Solid 4 and 1/2 to 4 and 3/4 pound fatty..
    I also got on a good spoon bite with a few other guys out in 20 to 30 foot in more Open Water where the bass were actively punishing the shad... And in turn we punished the bass..
    What does all this mean?? Well simply put it means the bass are beginning to chew.. it's still going to be a few weeks before we get any decline in water temperature but once that happens we will see active boils on the lake and the topwater bite will be wide open as will the reaction bite...
    Until then when you start your day look for Shad spawning on the shoreline you'll see them dimpling along the shoreline and start throwing topwaters or jerkbaits or flukes or whatever your favorite reaction bait is and you will more than likely get bit...
    After that bite dies which it does when the sun gets High it's time to move out little bit deeper and worm because there are still worm fish to be caught..
    And before you know it the water temperature will come down into the 70s and the bite will be wide stinking open. The water temperature is still 86 degrees but it won't take much for it to drop..
    My guess is 2 to 3 weeks at least before it gets anywhere near 79 or 80.. my hope is that its sooner rather than later because I'm dying to go out there with one rod and catch them on topwater all day..
    Good luck..
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    Thanks, Pete.

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    Thanks for the update Pete
    May be there in the morning

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    any recommendations to buy myself a lucky craft Sammy because their sold out on tackle warehouse

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    Thanks, are the Perris master. I had no luck at my deep ledge spots all summer as well. Like you, i just felt it was to dang deep. I went to the dam and only got a bunch of 8-inch bass there so i stuck to the east end trees with a little dabbling in the south side trees. I like the sounds of your game plan.

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    Ive been smashing the bass at Perris check out my Instagram for pictures and details... @Petemarinofishing Follow me there as Im gonna start doing giveaways for my followers


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    Awesome report! I'll be heading out there this weekend for the first time. I'm going to be in a kayak, and I was hoping someone could give me some advice about entrances, launching, best area for fishing without electronics, tackle, etc.

    Sorry for all the questions, but this will be my first time going out on a lake for bass, and there's just SO MUCH I don't know.

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