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Thread: Newbin' Tubin'

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    Default Newbin' Tubin'

    Finally got my setup running and tried it out at SARL for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Had some fun but had a couple of concerns.

    1) Adjusting my Caddis Waders - Several times I had slouched or extended my legs to kick and water had entered my waders and just had my feet swimming in water. I had to get out and dump out the water, adjust a bit and get all suited up again. Was a major pain in the ***. Wondering if you all have some advice.

    2) Kicking - I certainly did not expect to be kicking and moving around as much as I did. Seemed like every time I stopped paying attention to my location I was getting too close to shore. By the end of the day my legs were extremely sore and just worked. Felt like I was on a reclined bike all day. Any advice?

    Both of these instances are scaring me a bit since I really want to get into the harbors and go after some bass in the boat slips. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or help.

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    It’s been awhile since I tubed but did do it for about 4yrs.
    1: Sounds like you waders do not fit properly,they should be up pretty high around your chest ie “chest waders”
    2: Kicking,well thats part of float tubing and your going to get used to it,like beginning any new exercise it will get easier.
    3: Just keep at it and each time you’ll learn more,and you’ll enjoy it more!

    Cya Tuna Vic

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    What Vic said.

    With any traditional tube, you'll need chest waders to actually stay dry (and meet the requirements for lakes that require them). Of course in the summer, in the saltwater, there's no need. Once the water temp gets up to the mid 60's or so, I put the waders away and wear board shorts.

    If you're not willing or able to get chest waders, try sitting on a floating boat cushion to get yourself higher in your seat.

    Kicking isn't just automatically there for anyone. I felt totally awkward my first time out and turning around or maneuvering was very difficult. By my third session, I had it figured out and nowadays I never even think about what my feet are doing, they just automatically do the right thing. I can hold my position against wind or current without thinking about it.

    I use two basic styles of kicking. When I'm just cruising along, I use a kick that is like riding a bicycle backwards. The upstroke is the power and the down is the recovery. When I need to have real power, then I lean back, straighten my legs and put power into both the upstroke and the downstroke.

    Keep at it, a couple more sessions will make all the difference!

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