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Thread: Big Island Rock Hoppin'

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    Default Big Island Rock Hoppin'

    Went over the horizon to the island of Hawaii. Stayed at the Mauna Lani.

    Walked north to where I could see they fish for Ulua and gave it a shot with a Kastmaster. Caught one enormous nunu - I swear that thing was at least 24" long. Immediately after I lost the Kastmaster. The very next cast after that I lost my second - and last - Kastmaster.

    Switched over to an egg float and 3"gulp sandworms. I know it's been said before, but, that stuff catches everything. Wide open for a time on slab kūpīpī - which was weird because these fish don't school and tend to be highly territorial - did the gulp really draw them all to that spot???. Also caught the ever-present hīn lea-‘aki-lolo - not surprising - and then one nenue - again not too surprising - but then a humuhumunukunukuāpua‘a - which, I admit, surprised me a little and then I hooked what I thought was another big kūpīpī only to discover it was a massive manini - which kinda blew my mind because they are grazers and the mouth on this thing was just about the size of the diameter of the gulp worm it ate. What do they put in that stuff anyhow?

    called it a day. went to a grocery store to pick up another egg float and learned how the locals whip carolina-rigged grubs just like we do here - only they never let it touch the bottom.

    Went back to rocks the next day - this time with a camera - and proceeded to lose half-dozen carolina rigs until I got the hang of just skimming them over the coral... and then finally hooked up with the fish pictured above. Not a large papio by any means, but man, those things are tough.

    all fish pictured and not pictured were released.

    If you ever find yourself bound for the islands, I think you could cover most shore situations with a your standard So Cal surf setup, 3/8oz carolina rigs (bring lots) a few bobbers and a couple bags of gulp.
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