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Thread: 116 degrees hell ya im going fishing.

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    Default 116 degrees hell ya im going fishing.

    whats nice about when everyone else doesnt want to fish.. you basically have the lake to yourself.. i just went out later then normal though i got off work early. i just chilled in the shade mostly so it wasnt so bad.. but ya had to wait till at least some shade was going to pop out before i headed out. started at around 445pm left at around 715pm fish were picky. i start with bait and wait sitting while i did weightless robo type worms and senko types. mainly longer ones though like 6-7". right away had several fish following skinny worms right up to the shore just wouldnt commit.. though getting close.. so i knew it was gonna be a tough day. just stayed with weightless got two on the bait and wait. i got a super small cooler so i can pack it with ice and throw a container of worms in it and they will still be very lively though its super hot outside.. it always helps to get a fish to bite when the worm is actually active. i do need a smaller and better container though since im on motorcycle but the one i got at least worked for now. and at least i can take a couple waters also which helps a lot when its hot like this.. anyways. caught 4 missed a couple other hooks ups.. saw carp chillin in the first cove on the westside.. seen em there lately also.. in the shallows but also near the top of water not really on the bottom. in like 5 foot of water or so.
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