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Thread: Ever got fish hooked

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    Default Ever got fish hooked

    I have but never this bad WOW !Click image for larger version. 

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    More than once,but never that bad!

    Cya Tuna Vic

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    I remember a deckhand a while back on a party boat at Catalina got a Tady jig through his cheek. He kept working until they could get him to the island and have it removed. He then went right back to work. Tough dude and great deckhand.

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    3 times for me. The worst one was a Tady 45 through the wrist. I had the deckhand pull it through with pliers. I didn't look at it when he was doing it, but my buddy's watched and said it was pretty gnarly coming out. I told my GF at the time what happened and that I didn't make a sound when he was pulling it out. She first said BS, then she asked, was there 40 other men on the boat with you? I said yes! You're right I believe you. Why do you now believe me I asked? Because you wouldn't give the satisfaction to all those guy's of you crying like a baby!!! You know me pretty good don't you was my answer? This is the same girl who nicknamed me, While E. Coyote super genius with the ego to match it! lol
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    A few times. Buddy was fly lining some green fluorescent glitter Powerbait on a treble hook and got bit, set the hook, and hooked into me instead of the trout.

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    Ouch! hope this never happens to me

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