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Thread: Braid suggestion for 15-20# strength and casting

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    Default Braid suggestion for 15-20# strength and casting


    I'm looking to fill a Penn Spinfisher V 3500 spinning reel with braided line that has

    (1) good casting ability
    (2) closest to 100% the advertised breaking strength
    (5) for inshore surf fishing
    (6) Between 15# to 20# strength.

    Whats good or what would you use that would meet these criteria?


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    That is a nice reel for the application, and there are a LOT of REALLY GOOD surf guys on this forum that I am looking forward to what they have to say. For my part I don't know I can help you much because my tool of choice is an old Penn SS5500 and I prefer mono whether I am tossing grubs, LC's, or bait. My thinking was twofold - the vast majority of hits in the surf are quick and decisive, and I feel that the cushioning effect of mono gives a better chance at a good hookset without pulling the hook, but then again, I have no braid surf experience to compare it against and I will say that if you spend any serious time around boiler rocks or shelfs you will be trimming off "rough" line and retying but it has never really been an issue for me. And secondly, it's what I know . Out of curiosity, what were line items #3 and #4? Good luck with that reel and look forward to seeing some killer reports! - Brewcrafter

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